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Sandra Adomatis, SRA,
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Sandra Adomatis' book Residential Green Valuation Tools is
available for purchase HERE.

In addition to Sandra's book, visit her Resources for Valuation Professionals page. Here you will find valuable information to better understand solar PV appraisal methods, marketplace data to support valuation activities, and inputs for the PV Value tool.


What others are saying about Sandra's book...

I just finished reading Residential Green Valuation Tools by Sandra K. Adomatis, SRA, LEED Green Associate. I recommend this book for residential appraisers who currently value, or want to value, energy efficient residential properties. Appraising green properties is complex and this book walks you through the entire green process systematically.

Residential Green Valuation Tools discusses and demonstrates procedures for solving green valuation challenges. It is exactly that; Tools. The resource list is comprehensive. In addition, the book presents logical step-by-step adjustment procedures using familiar methodologies including DCF, GRMs, and cost analysis. In fact, I plan on using sections of this book on the brokerage side as well. The Six Elements of Green Building explains how to build an energy efficient home.

In summary, Residential Green Valuation Tools thoroughly explains what green building is, where to go to find green data, how to solve green valuation problems, and why green valuation is here to stay.

Robert D. Mims, IV, SRA (Mims Real Estate Advisor LLC)

Early on as a green builder Amaris Homes struggled mightily to obtain accurate green home appraisals until I found Sandra Adomatis' book Residential Green Valuation Tools. The book has been invaluable to me as a builder giving us the necessary tools we needed to start the appraisal process off on the right foot. As a result of the guidance in this book we now provide lenders a cover letter at the appraisal request stage along with a complete lender package that outlines in detail the energy efficient and green features of the home in a way that appraisers not only can use, but must use.

Raymond Pruban, Chief Manager, Amaris Homes, LLC

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